Compression Socks- Why Buy Them Sooner Rather Than Later


The number of people suffering from health issues related to blood circulation problems is on the rise. For some, the problem can surface in the form of heavy and painful legs while it may get adverse and result in varicose veins in the worst cases. Often, the problem happens because the blood pumping through the arteries is unable to reach the vessels of the legs. Similarly, the veins in the lower limbs need to work against gravity for moving fluid back up the legs. When the leg and calf muscles are unable to do it, blood pools in the feet and result in a heavy leg feeling. Although the condition is less serious than varicose veins, you need to address it before it worsens. While you may not need medical assistance at this stage, compression socks serve as a helpful aid. Let us give you some good reasons to buy them sooner rather than later.

You sit for long hours at work

The calf muscle plays a vital function when it comes to blood circulation in the lower extremities. It serves as a steady pump during the fluid movement in the lower part of the body and pressurizes the veins in the lower leg. As a result, blood is able to flow back to the heart. If you have long sitting hours at work, these muscles are unable to perform and it can result in blood pooling in the lower legs. A pair of compression socks can definitely give them the support they need.

You stand for extended periods

While sitting for long hours does not favor your leg muscles, standing for extended periods can be equally harmful. Unless you move regularly, the blood flow in the legs is hampered and you may end up feeling heavy and fatigued. Once again, these socks can address the problem to a significant extent. Those working as retail employees, hospitality staff, and trades workers can certainly benefit from this wonderful aid.

You exercise regularly

For people who do long-distance running or exercise regularly, wearing a pair of these socks is a great idea. Realistically speaking, you cannot expect them to cut down minutes off your running time or get you to squat extra pounds. But studies have shown that exercising with compression socks on can actually reduce muscle soreness in the legs. Moreover, compression can be of significant help for post-exercise recovery, which means that you will end up feeling less tired even after a vigorous session.

You travel long-distance frequently

When you travel long-distance by plane or by road, you will have to sit for long hours. The effect is similar to that of sitting for extended periods on your work desk. In fact, the risk is greater for air travelers as prolonged sitting while flying elevates the risk of developing deep vein thrombosis (DVT), which can result in the formation of blood clots in the legs. Compression therapy is greatly effective for cutting down the risk. What’s more, you will be less tired after the journey.

Apart from these lifestyle factors that make compression socks a must-buy, it is also recommended for pregnant women. These socks can prevent muscle cramps and soreness in the legs, which are common struggles during pregnancy. Buy a pair and make life easier!

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