Common Injuries in Athletes and How To Prevent Them

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Part of being an athlete is being exposed to injuries. Whether you’re a professional or you do it for fun, it’s life-saving to know your nearest orthopedic surgeon in Provo. Seeking a professional can help you distinguish one treatment from another and also know what must be done to help you go back to the court of the field in no time.

Here are the most common injuries among athletes:

1. Ankle Sprain

You may have landed on the wrong foot during a rebound or twisted your foot while sprinting to the other side of the field.Ankle sprains happen when the ligaments in the ankle are torn or over-stretched.

The chances of spraining the ankle increases after experiencing it once and if the muscles surrounding the ankles are weak.

These are symptoms of an ankle sprain:

  • tenderness
  • swelling
  • bruising
  • itching
  • numbness
  • stiffness

Consulting a doctor is imperative, especially when the ankle cannot handle your body weight and if it doesn’t get better after 2-12 weeks of injury.

2. Knee ligament injuries

One of the four ligaments in the knee is the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), and it is the most prone to injuries. This injury can slow down athletes and causes excruciating pain. While ACL strains can be treated by rest and some first aid remedies, ACL tears require surgery.

The following are symptoms for ACL injuries:

  • sudden or severe pain
  • a loud pop in the knee during the injury
  • swelling
  • looseness in the joint
  • the knees cannot carry your body weight

If left untreated, the knees may be unstable and prone to twisting and pivoting. If you’re debating whether you need surgery or not, consider consulting a doctor for a full-on diagnosis.

3. Shoulder Injury

Shoulders are known to have the weakest joints in the body, but they are exposed to the most force in sports. For example, effort in the shoulders is essential to proper swimming strokes. A lot of the action when serving in tennis and badminton are from the shoulders.

It’s not a surprise that shoulders often suffer from misalignments and muscle and ligament strains. Some of these injuries can be treated by rest and first aid, but persisting pains should be checked by the doctor.

Preventing injuries


Something as simple as stretching can help avoid these injuries. Most of the injuries often happen because of the lack of conditioning. Therefore, taking extra time to warm up before the game will help keep you on the court or the field.

Here are some measures athletes can take to prevent injuries:


A warm-up is designed to pump up the muscles prior to strenuous activities. They increase blood flow in the body to allow more flexibility.

Know your limits

While training has equipped you with all the strength to get through the season, knowing when your body has reached its peak can save you from muscle fatigue. Listen to your body. If you feel like you’re about to tear something in your body, don’t push it.

Practice, practice, practice

Training increases your physical strength and endurance, so as an athlete, it’s your responsibility to take it seriously. Besides, your sports career will thank you for it in the long run.

No matter how great of an athlete you are, injuries come unexpectedly. As they say, “Prevention is better than cure,” so listening to your body and taking that warm-up seriously can save you from missing the next couple of games.

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