Can You Exercise When You Have Covid-19? Here’s What the Science Says

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Working out when you’re sick is a pretty controversial topic. Some believe it’s a good idea to try to sweat out your fever, while others think it’s best to rest until you’ve made a full recovery.

When you’ve tested positive for Covid-19, you’ll be stuck in isolation for a long time, probably stuck in bed and likely a little bored and tired of lying down all day. What if you wanted to get up and move your body a little?

If you’re sick and want to know if you can exercise, keep reading the information in this article.

Get Tested

First of all, if you suspect that you might be Covid-19 positive, it’s important that you self-isolate and get yourself tested as soon as possible. Keep in mind that there are different types of tests. A PCR vs rapid test could yield different results, but a PCR test is widely considered the gold standard for accuracy.

If you’ve tested negative, you probably just have the regular flu, but the following advice will still apply to you.

Should You Exercise?

The bottom line is that most doctors advise against exercise when you’re feeling under the weather. Exercising with any symptoms could be dangerous, so whether you have Covid-19 or just a common cold, you might want to hold back for a few days.

Getting your heart rate up too high, sweating, and overexerting yourself might just make matters worse, exhausting your body and making it more difficult to recover properly, and even causing serious damage to your heart and lungs in the process.

Some Advice

If you’re really tired of being stuck in bed and hate being still and stagnant for too long, this is completely normal and understandable. High-energy, active individuals like to be on the move, and being stuck in bed can feel like a punishment.

However, it’s important to change your mindset when you’re unwell. Think of this time as important rest for your body and consider the fact that exerting yourself too much right now could result in you having to spend even more time in bed.

The more you focus on rest and recovery, the quicker you’ll recover and be back in the gym, on the bike or in your running shoes.

What Else Can You Do?

Luckily, all is not lost, and you can still move around a little bit while you’re sick. What’s important is that you focus on gentle and recuperative movements.

Instead of your usual workout, you can do some gentle yoga stretches to help relieve your symptoms and move your body. Once you’re allowed out of isolation, starting to incorporate light and slow walks can be great for getting back into exercise slowly but surely.

Other Ways to Recover Quickly

Many people are apprehensive about getting vaccinated against Covid-19, but studies are proving that those who have had the shot and do happen to contract the virus experience milder symptoms and recover more quickly.

Protect your body and those around you by getting vaccinated and adhering to any Covid-19 protocols still in place in your area.

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