Beauty Blunders: 3 Ways Your Phone Is the Culprit Behind Your Bad Skin

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A lot of nasty things can ruin your skin. There’s the inevitable reality of aging, making the skin sag. There’s sun exposure, resulting in dark spots. Then there’s just way too many makeup products to try, leaving your skin more tired-looking and haggard than ever. There’s another culprit, though, that people don’t know about because it seems to be an unlikely cause of zits and wrinkles: phones. Yes, your tech devices may be the reason behind your bad skin. Not convinced? Here are the ways your phone ruins your skin:

It gives you early wrinkles

There’s a high chance that you’re not aware of the fact that you’re constantly squinting at your phone when you’re trying to read small fonts or meticulously checking out your crush’s pictures on Instagram—not to mention when unlocking your phone and getting that sudden shock of light. Unfortunately, this facial movement can cause crow’s feet, the fan-like shapes at the outside corners of your eyes, over time. In some instances, using your phone also gives you the tech neck. When you constantly look down on your phone, the head is put in a position that places more weight on your neck, causing collagen breakdown in that area, thus giving you the turkey-looking neck.

To prevent crow’s feet, use bigger fonts and set your phone’s brightness to the lowest, especially before sleeping. To avoid the tech neck, keep your phone at eye level and use collagen-building products. If you’ve passed the preventative stage, though, consider getting Botox that plastic surgeons in Salt Lake City provide, especially those from reliable cosmetic surgery clinics such as Clarity Skin. This will restore your young-looking skin.

It may just cause you to have zits

It’s not unknown that phones are dirty. You use them all the time—while eating, while peeing, or after doing number two—so it’s not surprising that they collect germs faster than any other stuff you have. Every time that you answer a call and put the phone to your face, you’re introducing bacteria to your skin. Bacteria plus oil, makeup, and pollutants give way to breakouts.

Of course, you can’t do away with answering phone calls. But you can be smarter about doing it. Turn on your Bluetooth and use your earpiece. Or, if you can’t stand the use of the earpiece, then just make sure to clean your phone regularly. Use screen cleansing towelettes that are gentle on devices. Of course, it’s important to keep your face clean. Use alcohol-free cleansers and wash your face with warm water.

It may exacerbate dark spots

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It’s not only under the sun’s harmful rays that you get the dark spots. That blue light on your phone can also cause hyperpigmentation. There is even worse news if you have melasma. The heat produced by your phone may worsen your skin problem. Protect your skin with serums that have vitamin C, vitamin E, and niacin. They will help reverse the effects of blue light, not just preventing dark spots but also brightening up your skin. Of course, the good, old sunscreen also helps.

It may seem unlikely, but indeed your phone can be the cause of you breaking out in zits or getting those fine lines. Keep it from further ruining your skin by sticking to a proper care routine and using your smartphone smartly.

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