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We all know about the benefits of staying healthy through exercising. However, everyone knows that when companies are producing anything, it also has to take extra care to ensure that it is environmentally friendly so that it can be easily recycled and used again. However, the good news is that the world is becoming more socially responsible with each passing year and it has even introduced some products in the activewear industry which will not only keep you comfortable in the gym but is also sustainable for the environment and would not cause environmental degradation. Hence several companies are producing sustainable activewear, and some of them are as follows.

1. Threads 4 Thought:

This is a brand that has been encouraging people to wear sustainable clothing for a long time. Established in 2006, it specializes in designing activewear for men, women, and children. They have an extensive line in tanks, sports bras, sweatshirts, joggers and leggings. It makes its fabric using recycled polyester and organic cotton. It also has a high efficiency since it reuses over 90% of its materials which play their role in the production. Another thing that they provide excellent working conditions for their workers in their factory, which is proven by the numerous certificates that they have received. A manufacturer associated with them recycles 80% of the water utilisation in production. The company also provides a variety in their clothing range with sizes ranging from XS to XXL.

2. Pact:

Pact is also a company that heavily promotes sustainable activewear. It makes several products while specializing in skivvies. The good thing about Pact is that it allows its customers to purchase at affordable rates since leggings can be bought at $39 while you can purchase a sports bra at just $25. This allows Pact to be a good option for those people who want high-quality products at affordable prices. The pact is known for making its products with organic cotton although they do include a small percentage of elastane in leggings and sports bras for increased durability and shape retention. The factories under Pact have banned child labor and conserves energy and water, which leads to minimum wastage. Another benefit of Pact is that it offers a variety of sizes which range from XS to XXL. Another difference is that it uses models of different sizes to show how their products appear on a real woman to give their customers an idea.

3. RubyMoon:

This brand is popular in the UK for its nonprofit business. It was the first activewear company to use Econyl 9 years ago for its products. Their products include sports bras, crop tops, and leggings. RubyMoon proudly states that it used 100% recycled plastic to develop its workout products. They are either made from recycled fabric that is donated or Econyl, which is created from recycled plastic found in the ocean. This fabric has received Oeko-Tex 100 Certification. RubyMoon has mentioned several times that everything is manufactured in a safe environment in either the UK or Spain so that the transportation costs are low. RubyMoon is motivated to minimize their wastage so that the process of environmental degradation is lowered and has received certification for emitting 42% less carbon. Since an all-female team runs RubyMoon, it promotes women empowerment and offers a variety of sizes. The pant size ranges from XS to Xl while their sports bra has a size available up to a DD cup.

4. Organic Basics:

It is a famous Danish brand that also focuses on sustainable activewear. Although it started its premises by focusing on men underwear but has since expanded into making women intimates, sleepwear, and activewear. They are also a carbon-neutral company, thus playing their role in environmental preservation. The brand makes its products through sustainable silver and organic cotton and has received numerous certifications. It also provides excellent facilities in their factories hence providing a great working environment for their workers. The workers get vacations, good pay on the number of hours worked and sick leaves. The management also visits the factories several times a year to ensure that regulations are followed, and the employees are happy.

5. Boody:

Boody is a brand that was established in 2011. Although it started as an ethical underwear company but has established itself in baby clothing and activewear. Boody now offers several products which include bodysuits, leggings, sports bras, and shorts. Boody mainly uses bamboo fiber to develop its products which are processed using the closed-loop method. The bamboo which is used is backed by certification to ensure high quality. It is important to note that Boody does use nylon and spandex for some of its products. Boody contributes to the environment by minimizing its losses through its efficient supply chain system. The bamboo that they use is softened, which results in the eco-friendly solvents being constantly recycled to be reused. Boody offers various sizes and although it can be a little expensive but allows payment in installments so that the products can be available at an affordable rate.

6. Yogavated Athletics:

It is a brand that was established in 2015 and has been creating women’s activewear ever since. All of their designs are produced with the collaboration of an artist which gives an additional flair to their clothing. The brand specializes in producing yoga clothes and uses deadstock scrap to produce its fabric. The high-quality fabric is selected, which is then dyed using eco-friendly solvents to produce new high-quality clothes. They are well on their way to becoming a zero-waste company since nearly everything which is included in the scrap is used in some way. They use it to produce headbands, tag strings and something else. The company provides a variety of sizes which range from XS to XL.


If you are excited to purchase new activewear for yourself, it would be wise to check some of these brands which are not only providing you high-quality stuff at affordable prices but also playing a part in the conservation of the environment by recycling the waste and using it to develop new products. So far, all of these brands have not faced any issues with the quality that they offer for their products which is why it is recommended to try their products. Many of these brands also support various charities and other organizations which contribute to environmental conservation. Apart from them, several companies are providing activewear clothing which does not cause environmental pollution, and you can play your part in caring for the environment by promoting these initiatives.

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