It’s Worse Than You Think – The Adverse Implications Of Nursing Home Abuse


The problem of nursing home abuse is more common than you think as millions of elderly Americans are dependent on nursing home care today. Essentially, these facilities have a duty to give compassionate medical care and health support to aging residents. Unfortunately, many of them fail to do so and the aging patients end up suffering in silence. If you suspect or have reason to believe that your family member is being abused or neglected in a nursing home, you need to find out more about it. The impact of elder abuse can be devastating, even when the victim is not in a position to understand what they are going through. As a victim or a family member, you need to make sure that the situation is handled and the culprit has to pay for the breach of duty. Before going ahead with a compensation claim, you have to understand the consequences of abuse in the care facilities that patients and their families trust.

Physical consequences

When the resident faces physical or sexual abuse, the consequences are seen in the form of physical injuries. These can include warning signs such as cuts, welts, bruises, and wounds. Seniors who go through the trauma may experience disturbed sleep, persistent physical pain, dehydration and malnutrition, and an increase in susceptibility to new illnesses. What’s more, it even elevates the risk of death if the victim is subjected to the problem for an extended period of time.

Psychological impact

Psychological or verbal mistreatment and neglect are also a reason to worry, particularly if the senior is suffering from mental health issues like dementia. They may not be able to recognize what they are going through but still experience psychological issues such as depression and psychological distress. Even people suffering from sexual abuse can come across stress and anxiety because they aren’t able to share their problems with their loved ones.

Financial implications

Apart from the physical and psychological effects, victims may end up experiencing financial implications as well. They require treatment and hospitalization for dealing with injuries and trauma, which can be a massive financial burden for them. So you would surely want to know what to do when there is nursing home abuse and how to deal with the financial consequences. Filing a claim would be the right thing to do as it gets you the compensation that you can use for the treatment of your loved one.

Social concerns

Another effect of nursing home abuse that is easy to overlook is in the form of social isolation. The victim is often too hesitant to discuss the problem with their family or they simply don’t even realize that they are being abused. They end up becoming isolated and losing interest in the activities they would usually enjoy. This is a major red flag that relatives should be watchful about, particularly if there is suspicion regarding the behavior of the caregivers at the facility.

Nursing home abuse or neglect is a problem that you should take seriously. After all, you trust the facility and its caregivers with the responsibility for the well-being of a loved one. If they fail to fulfill this responsibility, they deserve to be punished and your relative deserves to be compensated.

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