Adson Forceps: Their Role in Delicate Tissue Manipulation During Surgery

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Did you know that the number of surgical procedures that are performed in the United States has been progressively increasing over the past decade? According to the National Center for Health Statistics, approximately 48 million surgical procedures are done annually. Surgery has become the definitive treatment of choice in several health-related problems such as tumours, malignancy, infection, and tissue repair. Therefore, it is crucial to have the necessary equipment to ensure success and efficiency of an operation. Currently, the use of the Adson bipolar forceps has played a pivotal role in various procedures such as appendectomy, wound debridement, exploratory laparotomy, and colon resection.

What are the Adson forceps?

These forceps belong to a special type of thumb forceps that function for grasping and holding tissues. These surgical instruments are designed to have tension at one pole, which separates two ends of the tip. This enables increased precision during manipulation of tissues. The Adson forceps may have different arrangements of teeth based on size, angle, and presence of serrations.

Another variant of the Adson forceps is the bipolar forceps, which are an electrosurgical instrument that is preferred for long procedures. The forceps are made of stainless steel and titanium, which conduct heat and electricity for better accuracy during surgery. They are also connected to a bipolar forceps generator, which allows real-time monitoring of flow rate and energy distributed within the system.

When are the Adson forceps used?

Different types of adson forceps

They are used in several surgical procedures. They are commonly used in appendectomy, which is a procedure that requires removal of the appendix in the right lower quadrant of the abdomen. As a surgical incision is performed over the area, different skin layers become more visible. However, since the appendix is a small structure that must be traced back from the abdomen to the lumbar region, delicate tissue retraction is required to make the structure visible. The Adson forceps are used to separate adjacent tissue that may block your view upon tracing the location of the appendix.

The Adson forceps also play a pivotal role during exploratory surgical procedures. During exploratory laparotomy, bowel loops, muscles, and fluids may obstruct the view, which causes unnecessary delay during the operation. Hence, the forceps are used to gently move the tissues without applying too much pressure over the area. This instrument also allows tissues to be held in position when suturing and knot tying.

Wound debridement is one of the most commonly performed surgical procedures in the U.S. This operation involves removal of foreign bodies that are present in burns and wounds. Since this surgery involves handling of injured tissues, careful manipulation through the use of the Adson forceps is important to prevent further damage. This tool is also used for grasping dressing materials such as gauze, cloth, and cotton to improve visibility during the procedure.

Manipulation of delicate tissues during surgery is a step that requires the use of special instruments. Thus, it is important to find the right set of Adson forceps to reduce surface trauma and prevent unwanted tissue damage.

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