A Quick Guide to Botulinum Lip Flips for First-Timers


People with thin lips or those without a bit of pout often feel conscious about their looks. But with technological advancements, several things qualified cosmetic specialists can do to help people combat this problem.

The botox lip flip is a remarkable procedure that can give people results in less than a week and last for months. It is a minimally invasive aesthetic correction that can effectively eliminate fine lines and wrinkles around the lips, giving them a fuller appearance.

People contemplating this trending corrective beauty procedure can refer to the following information to know more about it.

How does it work?

Several youngsters who desire a prominent pout often opt for this method as it is a painless, cost-effective, and quicker alternative to surgery. The popularity of non-invasive treatments like these has contributed to the growth of the global botulinum market immensely. In this method, cosmetic experts target the edges or outline of the lips (popularly called the vermilion border) and corners of the mouth, carefully injecting the toxin.

In a short while, as the muscles in the injected regions relax, the lips slowly turn upward (or flip, as the name suggests), causing them to appear naturally fuller than before. Since the process is straightforward, several doctors do not even use anesthesia. However, patients who may fear pain can ask for numbing topicals for a more pain-free moment during the session.

Who should get it done?

Before delving into whether or not someone is the right person for this treatment, one should ensure that they meet the proper criteria to get it done. For instance, it may not be prudent for those suffering from severe ailments. Similarly, one must not have an oral infection or sores during the procedure.

These injectables are best for the following.

  • People who want a better-looking and fuller mouth without paying for invasive and costly techniques like augmentation or fillers are excellent candidates for a lip flip procedure.
  • Some people wish that their mouth covered their exposed gums a bit more but are afraid of surgeries that might alter the shape of their lips entirely. However, they are suitable to get botox in their vermilion borders, as it can do the trick quite easily.
  • This specific treatment is best for those who want to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and prominent vertical lines on their lip without much pain.
  • A good smile and fuller lips can boost the self-confidence of people who are low on self-esteem because they are conscious of the quality of their lips.

How long does it last?

A lip flip usually begins to show results a couple of days or a week after the injections and can last for almost three to five months. Specialists can offer longer-lasting enhancements as well, enabling people to enjoy the results for nearly eight to eleven months.

However, it is pivotal to know that your aesthetician may ask you to refrain from smoking, drinking alcohol, and avoid taking aspirin at least a week before getting the injectable. These products can make your blood thinner, making it considerably challenging to heal faster and may increase the risk of bruising after the procedure.

All this can affect the longevity of the botox lip flip, so be careful to avoid them at all costs.

What is the average cost?

The treatment barely takes ten minutes and typically costs around $200 to cover both lips. Many people find this price estimate quite reasonable because they can see results in less than a week and enjoy it for months without any side effects or hassles. However, the exact price depends on the severity of the problem, the cosmetic clinic, and the individual patient’s needs.

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