A Noob’s Guide to the Ever-Evolving EMIS Web for Primary Care


EMIS Health is an abbreviation for Egton Medical Information Systems, famous for supplying the patient record system. It is software for primary, community pharmacy, and acute care.

Studies show more than half of GP practices across the UK make use of EMIS health software. It will come as a surprise to you, but the system holds top positions in the primary market.

EMIS in Healthcare Record Systems

GP Systems of choice approves EMIS as its supplier. The funding for these systems comes from the NHS. Through the Patient Access Service, patients can book GP appointments online. The best part of the system is that Patient Access allows them to have access to their records.

The process allows healthcare practitioners to view a patients’ electronic healthcare record. Even the top-notch medical experts claim risk to patients’ lives. It is all because hospitals fail at linking medical records.

Thus, one of the possible solutions to the problem can be giving patients access to their records. Doctors, too, use EMIS software to restore confidence to the best levels. This system has brought about a change in patient’s lives. They can show their records to consultants for saving their life. The policy is a revolutionary step.

Things are sure to turn out in a positive manner but making an impact is a long way to go!

EMIS was the first provider of GP record systems to permit patients to access their records. Experts say that practices providing patients with online access saw an increase. Providers allowed GPs to tailor record parts. Patients can see their records while maintaining the confidentiality of the data.

But, that doesn’t mean that doctors don’t have a “duty of share” whenever it is in the best interests of the patients. The easiest route towards large-scale record sharing is putting patients in the driver’s seat using smartphone technology.

What is EMIS Web for Primary Care?

EMIS web is a modern system that makes it easier for patients to access, update, and share their information. The new tech allows GPs to deliver safe and informed care as and when it’s needed.

How is the system beneficial?

The benefits of the new-fangled system for patients are many. Some of the most popular ones are:

Helps GP practices deliver top-notch patient care:

Clinical systems in the UK make the most use of the system. This is because medical professionals create it for clinicians so that with EMIS Web searches, they can run their practice and deliver top patient care. Thus, it makes it, making health easily accessible to people all across the world

Support to GP, STPs, and CCG Federations:

Are you a part of the GP federation that wants to work with other local area practices? If yes, then EMIS web experts can aid you in integrating the clinical systems. By doing so, teams can have instant access to information as and when they need it.

Improvements in Patient Safety:

EMIS experts for primary care hold safe and secure patient records than any other supplier. Clinicians and pharmacists ensure upholding patient safety in the highest possible standards.

Also, the system is fully integrated with the patient demographic service. The patient information maintains by keeping up-to-date data while allowing you to make decisions that are clinically informed. Thus, health experts can make the right decisions for their patients in the best manner. After all, it’s about better clinical support, reduced risk, and timely patient care.

Free up patient time:

Recording information and consultations are the keys to ensuring the delivery of the best and most appropriate care. Not only this, but EMIS systems make doctors pave a path for patient interactions. Studies show this technology enables medical professionals to spend better time with ailing people.

Several things that enable health care professionals to spend more time with patients are:

  1. Set up preferences for the screen so that tabs are easy to view and access.
  2. Make use of synonyms and quick picks to record phrases.
  3. Predictive coding to speed up consultation recordings.
  4. Customize inboxes to manage workflow and improve resource management.
  5. Create groups and teams to enhance workload distribution.
  6. Joined working for better patient care.

The best thing is that EMIS web not only allows record sharing but is also fully compliant with the ERS for effective GP management. Being able to work with other locations closely has helped clinicians manage their appointment and workflow schedules. They can log in to each other’s systems, which makes it easy to control appointment schedules.

A better patient experience:

Working closely with several patients makes it easier to add on products that integrate seamlessly with EMIS Web. Also, the care services integrate to improve patient experiences in the best manner. Patients can now access health management services. Ailing people have the ease of viewing their medical records at any point and share up-to-date information. Thus, people can now take control of their health, enhancing patient engagement and reducing DNA rates. Therefore, doctors too can see more patients each day.

Practical training and support:

Clinicians can get the most of their practice when they rely on EMIS Web. Dedicated support and staff training are some benefits of adapting to the new technology. A loyal customer relationship manager works to ensure your workmen receive training and support. Doing this, in turn, helps them unlock EMIS Web potential to the best levels.

Final Walkthroughs: Making Life Easy for Busy Clinicians

EMIS Web is a revolutionary step for healthcare across the globe. This intuitive system allows you to gain all information you need quickly and straightforwardly. And, the best part is adding clinical services to the EMIS system is pretty straightforward.

Patients get reports on every clinic and service with complete ease from one organization to the other. The pre-built clinical templates work wonders for fast data entry to help you record all the necessary information you require. Experts believe the system to be user-friendly and easy to navigate, making data simplistic.

With such great benefits of the systems, what’s stopping you from unleashing these? After all, it’s all empowering people to improve their lives!

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