A Look into Common Oral Problems That Affect Young Kids

Children's Tooth Problems

Oral health and hygiene are two essential aspects of any person’s health, and especially that of children. Their unending craving for sweets, candies, and any other sugary snacks puts them at risk of developing oral diseases. Children’s mouths are very sensitive and are, therefore, highly susceptible to possible infections. Parents must then be alert to their children’s feeding habits and oral hygiene.

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay may result in unbearable pain to your kid. Any signs of cavities should prompt you to take them to a dentist. There are several pediatric dentists in Riverton with whom you may consult to determine the best remedy for your child’s tooth decay. When allowed to deteriorate, tooth decay may affect your child’s feeding habits. That is because it often results in cavities around the teeth which, as a result, expose the nerves to stimuli. Soon, it will become almost impossible for your child to enjoy even their best meals and drinks. A practical way to protect your child against tooth decay is by cultivating in them a culture of oral hygiene. Teach your child the importance of regularly brushing their teeth, especially after consuming sugary food.

According to dentists, breastfeeding your baby may also put them at risk of tooth decay. It is advisable to withdraw the breast as soon as a child falls asleep. It eliminates chances of the baby retaining some milk in their mouth, which may facilitate bacterial activity.

Tooth problems for Children

Thumb Sucking

It is perfectly normal for breastfeeding babies to suck their thumbs. This is especially true when their parents are trying to withdraw breastfeeding. Breastfeeding has been known to provide babies with a sense of comfort and security. However, thumb sucking poses an oral health risk to children. It may result in a baby’s ingestion of bacteria that may end up causing problems to not only their teeth but also their overall well-being. Remember that a baby may use its hands to crawl from one point to another. That means that they come into contact with a lot of germs. It may be impossible to sanitize the floor throughout the day. As such, it becomes vital for parents to introduce pacifiers to discourage thumb sucking. The pacifier may be cleaned in warm water and later disinfected making it safe for your baby.

Tongue Thrusting and Lip Sucking

Tongue thrusting and lip sucking are common behavior in many children. The former has a high occurrence in children who experience difficulty swallowing food. On the other hand, lip sucking is often an accompanying behavior of thumb sucking. The two habits have an adverse effect on the proper alignment of permanent teeth. A child may develop an overbite which may affect their feeding. Tongue thrusting has also been known to result in speech development difficulties in children. Such tendencies may require the intervention of a specialist.

As a parent, the oral health of your children starts with you. It is upon you to educate them on good oral health and hygiene practices. For example, you may encourage your children to brush their teeth by doing it together after every meal. For more professional dental advice specifically for your child, check out oral solutions in Lancaster.

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