8 Ways to Find the Best OB-GYN


If you are in need of an OB-GYN for your female medical care, you will want to take your time and find the right doctor for your needs. Since this is an intimate part of your body and healthcare, you will want to find a doctor that you are comfortable with and does his or her job well.

1. Getting Referrals

Ask your primary care doctor for a referral list for OB-GYNs in your area. Also, you can ask friends and family about obgyn near me and see who they say to call. Getting their recommendations can help you to make a good decision on who you will use.

2. Research The Credentials

You will want to consider looking at the credentials of any doctor you are thinking about using. Look at board certification for the doctor. This will tell you if they have had the experience, skills, and training that is needed for this field.

It will also help you to confirm that the doctor has had no disciplinary actions done against them and will show you if there have been any malpractice claims. You can find this online as there are a wide variety of websites geared towards this kind of information.

3. Experience

If you have a complex gynecologic problem or you are facing a high-risk pregnancy, you will want to make sure that your doctor is experienced in that field. For example, some OB-GYNS just focus on obstetrics while others focus on just gynecology.

You will want to find out how many patients with your condition that doctor treats. You will also want to make sure that the doctor is able to perform any procedures that you need and is experienced with any complications that can arise.

4. Gender Considerations

You will want to make sure that you feel comfortable with your doctor’s gender. You will have to tell them personal information, and they will be seeing your most intimate areas.

If you are uncomfortable with the gender of your doctor, you may not tell them things, or you may just feel awkward. Ask yourself whether or not it matters and if it does, find the doctor that has the gender you are most comfortable with.

5. Research Your Hospital Quality

Another thing that you should do is to research the hospital where your doctor practices at. Top-rated hospitals offer better survival rates and fewer complications. You will also need to consider the hospital’s location as you may have to travel back and forth, especially if you are pregnant.

6. Communication Style

You will want to choose a doctor that you feel comfortable talking with, and that makes it easy to communicate with them. You can start by asking them questions and seeing how they respond to you. Look to see if they answer your questions well and that you find them easy to understand.

Also, you will want to check to see if they are available over the phone or through email. Some doctors are even available for video chat.

7. Read Reviews

Another way you can ensure that you find the right OB-GYN for your needs is to read reviews that have been left by other patients. This can help you to learn how the medical office is operated and how the doctor has performed.

You will find out things like friendliness, wait times, ease of scheduling appointments, and how different things were treated. Reading reviews will give you a realistic look at the doctor.

To find reviews, you can look online on the practice website, or you can do a general search for the doctor that should show reviews.

8. Insurance Coverage

Your insurance coverage will be a factor in finding an OB-GYN. You will need to find a doctor that participates in your plan so that you can pay the least out of pocket. However, you should still consider hospital quality, experience, and credentials before hiring any doctor.

When it comes to finding an OB-GYN, you will want to take your time and find one that you will be comfortable with. If you do find a doctor and go to the appointment and find that you are not comfortable with them, do not keep going back. Take your time and research your area and find another OB-GYN to see and ensure that you feel comfortable with them.

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