5 Good Reasons To Mix Up Your Workouts


People often follow workout routines as a habit, sticking to a routine day after day and month after month. It sounds easy to follow a routine, from going to the gym at the same time to picking the same exercises and working out with the same trainer. However, it may not be the best thing to do as results seem to wane at some point. Experts emphasize the value of packing variety into your fitness routine. An optimal mix benefits your body, mind, and motivation in more than one way. Here are some valid reasons to mix up your workouts.

Steer clear of boredom

Even before anything else, a mix of exercises helps you steer clear of boredom. Just as you wouldn’t relish the same food every day, following the same exercise pattern is not a good idea. You will end up losing your motivation levels and giving up at some point once boredom sets in. Variety packs punch into your workouts, so have something different for each day of the week. A personal trainer can guide you about a program that delivers results and keeps you happily engaged.

Avoid a weight-loss plateau

If you work out to lose weight, doing the same activity all the time never helps. Your body gets used to it over time, and you end up burning fewer calories even with the same amount of exercise. Challenging your body to do something different will make it work harder and burn fat as you work out. Discuss your options with a trainer, and they will have the best recommendations for fast and sustainable weight loss.

Build new muscles

A mix of exercises helps with building new muscles besides sustaining weight loss. For example, aerobics mainly increase your endurance, while resistance exercises help with muscle building. You can try pull up bands for resistance training to exercise a specific muscle group and get rapid results. The key lies in using a mix that speeds up muscle building while increasing your endurance.

Prevent overuse injuries

The chances of overuse injuries run high when you indulge in the same motions repetitively. A repetitive strain injury may happen due to activities like running, kicking, and weightlifting over a prolonged time. But you can avoid such injuries by switching to a mix of activities. It gives rest to overused joints, muscles, and ligaments. They can recover before getting back into action again.

Boost mental health

Another reason for trying a workout mix is that it boosts your mental health. Trying different exercises is like learning new skills, and they keep your neurons at work. The more you move your brain cells, the sharper they become. Consider a mix of exercises as a workout for your brain that increases your focus and improves your memory. Choose activities that challenge you to get the best outcomes.

A varied workout schedule keeps you going and enhances your motivation levels down the line. You have better chances of scoring results and sustaining them with a perfect mix. Find the right one that works for you, and move one step ahead towards your fitness goals.

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