4 Ways to Find Invisalign Discounts


As much as Invisalign is a very effective teeth correction treatment, it can be pretty expensive. The prices differ depending on which model of treatment you are using. Comprehensive or full Invisalign prices are higher because the clear aligners are not limited. In such cases finding discounts will be very helpful. You won’t have to drain your savings to achieve that perfect smile. This article will show you some of the ways you can find Invisalign discounts.

1. Groupon

Invisalign cost is something to consider; the treatment itself doesn’t have Groupon. But different dentists may have them. The first thing you have to do is find Invisalign dentists near you. Once you do, explore their services and find out if they offer Groupon or other forms of discounts on the services. There is no way to get free Invisalign; the treatment is not considered a necessity. So you will have to pay full fees to receive the treatment. The only way to make it more cost-effective is through other means like Groupon. When you look for dentists, you will find at least one advertising these special offers. The deals can knock off significant amounts of cash from the Invisalign prices. You may get excited about the money you will save with the purchase of a Groupon. But before you buy, visit the dentist’s website and see if it fits you.

2. Look For Promotions

Usually, when service providers want to promote their services, they offer discounts to lure customers. If you are keen enough, you will not miss one orthodontist with an active promotion period. You may find holiday promotions, black Fridays, and so many others that can help you get the treatment affordably. You should know that promotions are considered the cheapest way to get the treatment. Start your search on the internet, which is mostly where most people will post ongoing promotions. The hashtags might lead you to the most affordable Invisalign treatment you never dreamed of. Look for celebrities and influencers; dental offices may be using them for online promotions. If you know someone with a dental clinic, keep a close eye on them and the business. When the promotions crop up, you will be ready to take advantage.

3. Compare Providers

The price varies from clinic to clinic and city to city. Compare the services from one provider to another until you find favorable deals. Rural areas and small towns offer low prices on Invisalign. If you can access such clinics in a nearby town, use their affordable services. The treatment might be equally good as the one you will receive in big cities but way more affordable. Urban areas have very high costs of living, so it affects the cost of Invisalign. These are some of the things you must think about when you are looking for discounts. It will be even better if you find a clinic in a small town that offers discounts during an active promotion. You will find websites that allow you to compare Invisalign providers easily online. This is the best option if you want to find the best deals. Aside from comparing the prices, you can also compare their services.

4. Ask For Referrals From Your Clinic

When you consult your local dentist and they find you need Invisalign, they can recommend a provider for you. They always know someone who offers cheap services or has discounts on the treatment. It’s also an advantage because you will be sure they recommend someone who has done the treatments successfully before. When you can find discounts any other way, referrals become the best option. You can ask for more than one referral so that you go for the cheapest one. Most of the private dental clinics work closely with public hospitals to get such referrals. A lot of patients take such referrals and end up receiving the best services at an affordable rate. Ensure you ask for affordable services because they may recommend high-end dental offices that are out of your budget. The referrals don’t have to come from your local clinic alone. You may have a friend or family member that has used the same treatment and has the best recommendations.


The teeth alignment treatment is very costly. You get an Invisalign discount; the process becomes more cost-efficient. Use any of these four ways to acquire the best deals in your locality. If necessary, go to a small town nearby if you feel their prices will be more friendly. It may be a way of saving a substantial amount of money on teeth correction.

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