4 Tips in Strengthening Your Teeth

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Your teeth play an important role in the oral and digestive systems of the body. You don’t need Meridian’s dental care expert Scott W. Grant, DMD to tell you that. Without strong, healthy teeth, the body will have trouble breaking down food into smaller pieces.

Needless to say, you need to make sure that your teeth are at their best condition at all times. Neglecting your dental health could lead not only to difficulty eating and speaking but also health complications or certain discomfort that would prevent you from doing your daily tasks well. As such, if you need treatment, check out these customised dental solutions in Avon Lake.

The following are things that you could do so you will have stronger teeth.

1. Book a dental examination with a trusted dentist

Dentists can perform dental examinations to check the status and condition of your oral and dental health. This enables them to spot signs early on and diagnose potential problems so that they can be prevented or acted upon immediately.

Look for a credible dental care professional that can regularly perform a dental exam to help you make sure you have a strong set of teeth. You will thank yourself for it.

2. Avoid eating too many sweets

Woman eating ice creamRemember your dentist as a child or teachers in school telling you this all those years? They had a real reason for saying so. As great the taste of desserts and candies is, they most certainly have a negative effect on your teeth.

It can facilitate faster decay of your teeth, for example. If possible, do not eat anything too sweet too often. You might also want to avoid colas and sodas — even though they seem like harmless drinks, their sugar content is usually very high.

3. Consume food and drinks rich in calcium

Just like the bones, the teeth need calcium to be stronger and stay strong from the inside out. Among the foods rich in calcium are milk, eggs, cheese and chicken — yes, chicken.

Just consume these food and drinks daily, and it should do. If you want to get technical, however, health experts advise that you should eat at least 1.2 grams of calcium on a daily basis.

4. Use a toothpaste rich in fluoride

You’ve heard that you should brush your teeth at least twice a day. But sometimes, that might not be enough. If you want to be more effective in brushing your teeth, you should use toothpaste rich in one active ingredient — fluoride.

Why? Fluoride flushes the bacteria, dirt and food particles from your teeth. Many studies show that the ingredient offers many benefits to your pearly whites. Apart from that, it also reduces the possibility of your mouth from smelling bad. Say goodbye to awkward hellos.

A lot of us take our teeth for granted as some are more concerned with other parts of the body, such as the heart and the brain. While those are very important as well, you should still take care of your teeth. Otherwise, they may become weaker over time and spell trouble for you in the long run.

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